Wednesday, 24 November 2010

Snow White Cupcakes for a freezing Wednesday

It is frickin freezing Mr. Bigglesworth! Thank you Austin Powers and your totally (in)appropriate movie lines! There is well and truly a "cold front" whipping its way across the UK is cold out there! Ok, so I grew up (and up and up) in Canada, so I should be totally invincible to cold weather right?? well..I mean, I sure know how to dress sensibly and keep warm outside, and wear layers and slippers and keep the doors closed inside....but's flippin cold! So...on goes the oven and out comes the butter from the fridge, and now...I wait...

I think I used every ounce of mind control I could muster today to will the butter to soften...soften....soften... but sure enough it did (thank you Jedi mind training) and I whipped up a batch of Hummingbird Bakery Vanilla Cupcakes with Vanilla Buttercream warm the cockles and fatten me up for the long winter ahead!


  1. Beautiful cupcakes, I use the magnolia bakery recipe which is yummy too.
    It really is absolutely freezing isn't it, do you have snow yet?

  2. As a vanilla addict I would welcome these at any time of the year!

  3. LilaVanilla...thankis for your comments!! snow is on its way this weekend...apparently!! :)

    CC...hahaha I know! Nothing wrong with a vanilla vanilla cake at any time!!! :)

  4. I absolutely love your idea of snow white cupcakes for a freezing day. Enchanting and simple, and, well, deliciously sweet! Here, in Florida, I'd have to change it to snow white cupcakes for a sandy day!

  5. Brianne...thanks so much for your kind comments!! siiigh....would like to be in Florida!! :)

  6. What beautiful cupcakes. Thank you for your kind words; wasn't too sure if I should about aging.
    I have been seeing on TV, you guys are really gettiing your share of the white; we had some last week, but rain yesterday made it go away. don't you worry we'll get our share.