Sunday, 13 November 2011

David's Wonky Cake

Although last weekend's Beetroot Cake went down well with my colleagues...and my tummy...there was one person who was not convinced, not impressed and wouldn't even finish his piece! So...we made a deal.  I would make him anything he wanted (Chocolate) but he had to help.  And help he fact David pretty much made the cake himself...with a little help from me.  There was a lot of starting and stopping and double checking...but in the end...into the oven it went.  

And out of the oven it came...

Um....not too sure what happened here, well actually we have a pretty good idea what happened...the springfrom pan wasn't assembled properly...resulting in a wonky cake and burnt cake batter on the floor of the oven.  

Never mind though...a thick layer of ganache and no one's the wiser! 

David's Wonky Cake is a combination of two of our favourite cake recipes, Tessa Kiros's Marble Cake from her book Apples for Jam, and Nigella's Ganache from her Devil's Food Cake recipe in Kitchen.  We halved the ganache recipe and there was just enough to cover this wonky 8" cake.  

I am hoping that one day I will come home to a cake made just for me!


  1. I think it is a perfectly wonderful cake. Good for hubby giving the baking a try.

  2. I made a wonky cake the other day, too. Ganache can fix anything!

  3. Ahhhh....Bless him......


  4. Ah its lovely. I applaud him, no I salute him.

    Your right, it would be lovely to come home to cake made with you in mind - so romantic. I know that day will not come in my home - but I can 'hope'.