Sunday, 4 December 2011

Hubby's buns!!! (oh and loaf)

That David has done it again! I fear I am quickly being demoted to apprentice baker in this house as hubby soars up to master baker status!! Last weekend I watched as he skilfully measured out all the ingredients for his seeded loaf (new flour...Waitrose crunchy seeded white bread flour) kneaded it all together, left it to rise, lovingly moved the bowl to a warmer location, kneaded it again, popped into a loaf pan, built a temporary structure to rest it on beside the oven while it was heating up...and then baked it.  It was like watching someone who had baked bread time and time again...but this was only his second loaf! I was in awe...and a little bit more in love (if that is even possible).  

We agreed that this loaf was better than the first one.  The texture was nicer, the crust was crunchier and because it was white flour it rose just that much more.  We pretty much gobbled most of the loaf up with bowls of chunky leek and potato soup...but there was some left for the odd bit of toast! 

This week he tried his hand at know...buns (teeheee) with great success.  I totally distracted him at the final stage (I was getting supper ready) and he forgot to brush milk over the tops so they are a bit "dull looking" (his words)...but man do they taste great!!! 


  1. There's nothing like a man with great buns - err rolls! Isn't it nice that he feels comfortable in the kitchen! What's he going to try next?

  2. wow!...proving, yet again, that he's definitely a keeper!!!! (but we already knew that, didn't we?)...lucky girl....


  3. That is so impressive and rare to find in a partner so I would encourage his enthusiasm. Lucky you!!

  4. Well I don't think they look dull rolls. I must try that flour. You see us men can bake - I think we're underrated.

  5. oh my...this might be The Muffin Man in
    disguise...warming you up gently before the
    big reveal! what a lucky gurrl you are...

    good work davey...auntie sandi

  6. Love that hubby and never let go if his buns!