Monday, 13 August 2012

it's the little things...buttermilk scones

Leftover buttermilk means only one thing in my mind...scones.  Sure sure there are loads of great things that can be made with buttermilk but, for me, scones...or maybe muffins at a push, are a thrifty way to use up leftover buttermilk...they freeze great.  

When visiting my parents, my mum bought me some buttermilk (only available in 1 litre containers) to make a cake for my aunt...the recipe called for something like 70ml of we had loads left over.  One great thing about buttermilk is that it can last for a while in the fridge so we weren't in much of a rush to use it up immediately.  After days of rearranging the fridge to fit everything in the HUGE buttermilk container was driving me nuts! I had to do something.  

While my mum prepared dinner I whipped up two batches of scones...cranberry and lemon and cheddar cheese.  The basic recipe I used is my go-to recipe from The New Canadian Basics Cookbook, to which I chucked in some dried cranberries and lemon rind...and some grated Canadian cheddar.  The recipe doesn't call for buttermilk...I just substituted it for the whole milk, but I think it adds something a little bit extra (I love a little zzzzing).  

I could easily eat scones for breakfast, lunch and snacks...oh ok maybe for dinner too.  I especially love how well they transport...perfect for lunch boxes and picnics...and hikes! 

The next day I went to Algonquin Park with my mum and dad for a day of exploring the Canadian wilderness.  We packed a picnic, including a selection of scones, and I took the opportunity of taking a snap for my friend Sophia's website.  Cranberry and Lemon Scone with a view...Algonquin Park and Lake of Two Rivers. 

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  1. Wow! What a view, and scones are perfect when made with buttermilk, I think they are fluffier and tastier.
    I have a recipe with buttermilk which is scheduled to post tomorrow, do have a peak, as I think Canadian buttermilk would work just aswell as French! J x