Sunday, 27 January 2013

Banana Loaf...guilt free snacking

Bananas rarely go brown in our house.  We buy a couple of kilos every 10 days or so...and they are devoured quickly.  Last week I snuck a couple from the bowl and let the ripen in secret, in preparation for the baking of a banana loaf this weekend.  

I've got 2 recipes that I swear from my Nonna, the other a family favourite from the Beatrix Potter Cookbook.  Squirrel Nutkin's Banana Nut Loaf is perfect.  The recipe offers an option between using all white flour, or a mixture of white, whole wheat, wheat germ and oatmeal.  I love this loaf made with all white flour, it is dense and nutty and slices really well...oh and is AMAZING slathered with butter.  

I didn't have enough white flour in the cupboard so I went with the flour, wheat germ, oatmeal combination.  The oatmeal gives the loaf a completely different texture, and in combination with the wheat germ makes it seem somewhat healthier.  

Jam packed with walnuts and sultanas it makes for an excellent guilt-free snacking loaf...well until slathered with Nutella, that is.  

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