Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Over Due

I've been at a total loss for things to do the past few days...there are two things that I want to do, Bake and Have the Baby.  I really only have control over one of those things... 

Yesterday was D-Day, and seeing as I woke up feeling no different from the night before I decided to make the most of my "free" time and whipped up a batch of Banana Hazelnut Muffins.  Using my Quick Muffin Recipe I tossed in 2 mashed bananas with the wet ingredients and about 1/3 of a cup of chopped hazelnuts.  I also sprinkled some Demerara Sugar over the tops before baking...which crisped up nicely and then promptly melted in the heat of the kitchen.

I was going to freeze some of them to snack on once the baby arrives, but at this point I am far to greedy and, really, they are so easy that I'm sure I can squeeze a batch in at some point between feeding, changing, playing, napping, cleaning (she says naively).  


  1. oh it must be horrid in this heat too!... just have a hot curry and squeeze it out! lovely healthy muffins!

  2. They look amazingly yummy!

    Hope D-Day arrives soon and all goes well.


  3. They sound delicious, will definitely try the demerara on top of muffins in future.

  4. Lots of good wishes coming your way x

  5. Exciting !!! might be same day as Royal Baby !! xx Celebration Cake xx

  6. Oh I know that feeling all too well, and sympathise! I got a great text (from an old teenage boyfriend no less) when I was overdue last September; it said "a lunch of pineapple, washed down with raspberry leaf tea, an afternoon of the unmentionable followed by a long walk. Obidiah will be here by dinner time!" Sadly he was wrong, but it did make me chuckle :-)

  7. muffuns sound delicious!!!! .... fingers crossed that your own personal muffin won't take too long to join the family!!