Monday, 14 September 2009

Chocolate marrow loaf OH MY!

I was very surprised to find a GIGANTIC marrow in my vegetable box last week. It was a substitute...for Pak Choi....not a proper substitute in my books, but obviously the overflow of marrow at the farm was the clear choice to add into the box. For me, it was not a welcome addition. We had had one two weeks previously and it took about 7 meals to eat through the whole thing!

Luckily David asked me to make some baked goods for a market stall his unit is running for the council at some fair thing tomorrow. ding ding ding!!!!! my mum makes the most amazing moist chocolate loaf that has zucchini in it, and so...tick tick tick (went my brain) surely in this case my gigantic marrow can be used instead of zucchini....mix mix mix, grate grate grate, bake bake bake...

Et voila

from this:

to this:

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