Friday, 18 September 2009


Admittedly it has been 10 days since I went to my allotment. It isn't like that is a long time, but since my allotment is still in the "getting established" phase I really can't afford to be so lazy. And boy! don't i know it now!!

I swear that I was going to go on Tuesday this week, but it rained and poured all day long!! And while that abundance of water was beneficial to my poor neglected crops, the weeds were equally happy! I suppose, when you think about it, the bounty of weeds slowly taking over my allotment HAS to be a sign of rich and nurturing soil...right??

The sight that met me yesterday was slightly sole-destroying:

I mean, come on! I spend more time weeding than I do tending to my lovelies :(

But because there has been so much rainfall this week the soil was remarkably soft and made it easier than EVER to dig up the blighters!! Because I go to the allotment in the morning during the week there is rarely anyone else about...creepy, but soothing at the same time. And even more excitingly I can pop on my Ipod and sing out loud to my hearts content. Trust me, it makes annoying tasks like repetitive weeding an easy chore!


I can't even begin to quantify the amount of time it took me to accomplish this! But, judging by my Ipod, I am going to go with about 3 plays of the most recent Killers do the math.

And then I decided, because the soil was was lovely and malleable and soft and luscious and....sigh...anyway, I decided that it would be best to dig up the other half of this half of my plot. And so, I dug and dug and raked and turned and weeded and...well:

so now everything is ready for the onions and garlic OH MY!

This morning when I woke up and could barely move I told David that he would be helping me come early spring dig up the section in the second picture under the we'll see!!!

How do these old guys do it??

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