Saturday, 21 August 2010

Fringing and Food Part Two

Ok, so when I said no chain restaurants....I didn't really mean no restaurants OWNED by the same person...

After our very fried and very yummy meal at The Sea Dogs we just had to try The Dogs, the original restaurant created by David Ramsden three years ago.  Same quirky atmosphere, same mis-matched furniture and crockery, same great service and choices.  David opted for the steak with chips (they were huuuuuge and thrice fried) and I had a small (not really that small) portion of barley risotto with goats cheese and fresh green vegetables (peas, runner beans, courgettes) and a salad of chickpeas, fennel and apple.

Followed by white chocolate cheesecake with strawberry compote for David...and....the best dessert all trip

Whisky Jello with toasted oatmeal cream and raspberry sherbert. This was such a yummy yummy treat that I am going to try desperately to replicate it at home.

Just a little great are the bus seats in Edinburgh??

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  1. Love your blog! I have a very dear friend who lives in Chelmsford, MA USA!!! How funny is that! I'm new to blogging, when you have a moment check out my blog. I enjoyed my visit today, and can't wait to check back!