Tuesday, 3 August 2010

slightly overripe tarte aux nectarines

I thought that I got a great deal over the weekend at the market....6 nectarines for 1.50! I couldn't resist! I asked the fruit man to select the firmest nectarines possible...and he assured me that they were all firm...and they seemed firm...firm, firm, firm, FIRM.  Once home I put them out on a plate and left them to ripen...that was Saturday...by Monday morning one was totally moldy and the rest soft....soft, soft, soft, SOFT!!!  grrrrrrrrrrr

They were slightly too soft, in hindsight, for what I had planned for them, but...hey ho! you live and you learn right?

My mum makes this lovely creamy and totally addictive sour cream peach pie, which I really wanted to emulate. That wasn't really on the cards though (I don't have a pie plate, and well...I didn't have sour cream...hmmm) so I opted for a simple tart shell filled with sliced nectarines tossed in cornstarch and sugar. 

David had his with the hugest scoop of vanilla ice cream I have ever seen, I had creme fraiche instead...and then...we both had ANOTHER PIECE!

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