Thursday, 8 September 2011

Cheese and Onion Pie

I went a bit The Good Cook mad when I planned my meals for this week...not that that is a bad thing...I like his style and most of the recipes from his last series were things I would try...and so after the success of  the tattie soup Tuesday night I clicked through to the recipe for Cheese and Onion Pie.

I'll admit right now...I didn't make my own pastry...I bought a block of ready made shortcrust pastry...I have no shame in it...have you seen the price of butter???

So...readymade pastry at hand I cooked up the onions, grated the cheese and assembled.  The preparation part was pretty easy...the putting it together part...not so much.  I found it really difficult using pastry in my cake pan...I found it difficult to get the top on properly...let alone seal it with the back of a the turned out pretty good...nothing like the picture on the website...but pretty good.

I also substituted Red Leicester cheese (that was about as "regional" it got on the internet shop selection)...which doesn't seem to get overly gooey in the oven and still has a sharpness to it.  

The pie tasted great...and the couple of slices we managed to leave were excellent cold today from the fridge.  


  1. This looks so great. I've never tried Red Leicester cheese, is it like cheddar?
    Right this minute I'm baking an onion tart, but mine doesn't have cheese. I'm posting it tomorrow as part of the 50 women game changers group. Yours looks a little more hearty than mine, so I think I'm going to have to come up with something else to add to it for dinner.

  2. looks like something your Dad would like to have alongside a pint of real ale!!!!


  3. Yum! Yum! This looks sooo delicious, and I think it looks perfect :-)

  4. Just discovered your blog and this PIE! I Love pies and especially cheese and onion! Recipe saved for a meal next week!
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  5. Hello from SPAIN VIGO ... I love to learn different recipes as your own ... these are delicious, I love making cupcakes yours looks fantastic ... I will follow you and invite you to share my recipes and blog Marimi greetings ..

  6. was so good as leftovers (not that there was much)

    Sue...Red Leicester is similar to cheddar, but isn't very holds its shape more...your tart looks fab!!

    mummi-ji...i think he would too!!!

    A Trifle Rushed...aww thanks!

    Karen...welcome and thanks for your comments!

    Garlutti...hello!! thanks for your comments too!

  7. YUM! What is this Good Cook thing? I must go and have a look...

  8. I| know this would be really enjoyed in my home.

  9. It looks superb - you'll make a pastry chef yet ;-) And I bet was very tasty.