Friday, 30 September 2011

Tofu Stir-fry

Chinese take out is probably the one take out David and I treat ourselves to regularly.  We rarely order in indian or pizza...sweet and sour chicken balls wins out every time! The stir-frys I have been making at home lately have really only been my favourite stand-by...cabbage and cashew.  This week I thought I would put a bit more effort into my chopping and made a tofu and vegetable chow mein to rival our local take out restaurant.  

What is your favourite take out order? 


  1. What a beautiful dish! Do you deliver by any chance? :)
    My favourite take out order is Indian. Chicken korma, pilau rice, paneer, daal and poppadoms. Yes, that's for one :)

  2. Why is it that when i read your blog my mouth always starts to water.....xx

  3. I think I love take-out even more than going to a fine restaurant. It just seems like luxury to me to be able to sit on my own couch, watch the news, and feast on food that someone else has made for me. It doesn't hurt that the designated take-out getter in our family is my husband, either! We don't have a good Chinese place around here, so I'm salivating over your stir fry.

  4. MY favourite take away order is crispy duck with pancakes and plum sauce! That chow mein looks great and I love veggie meals several times a week ~ really lovely photo too.
    Karen @ Lavender and Lovage

  5. Michael...thanks! hahaha deliver?? I like your ordering have to have some paneer and daal to complete an indian meal!

    Linda...i take that as a huge compliment!

    Sue...there is something magically naughty about a take out!

    Karen...crispy duck is a good thing to order...really hard to make at home (too much effort!)!!

  6. hahahaha...we know the answer to this one Hoia!!!...battered chicken balls with radioactive sauce from Sea-Hi!!!!

    p.s. your dish is making my mouth water!!!