Tuesday, 28 May 2013

A Granola Breakfast Tart...that's right...Tart for Breakfast!

A few weekends ago some girlfriends from down south came up to visit.  It was an excuse to celebrate an upcoming wedding and also the arrival of my little monster.  The weather was horrible, but we made the most of it.  Luckily they had all been up before so I didn't feel the need to show them all the main touristy things...this visit was more relaxed and it basically revolved around food.  

Sunday morning I made them a lazy light breakfast, which centred around this gorgeous breakfast tart from The View From The Great Island.  A crunchy granola base topped with thick greek yoghurt and loads of fruit, it really is an excellent centre piece for a late, lazy breakfast. I made the granola base on Friday night and put the toppings on just before serving.  I wasn't as artistic or generous with the fruit as Sue was in her original post...but it was tasty nonetheless.  

There was a bit leftover, which I covered and ate the next day for breakfast.  Even though the granola was soft from the yoghurt it still tasted great! 


  1. I like a nice tart any time of the day. Genius idea x

  2. You are expecting a little monster? Congratulations! Fantastic tart, by the way, what a clever idea.

  3. LOOKS GREAT....so much nicer than a bowl of yogurt with fruit on the side,,,,,bet it tasted scrummy!!!

  4. That looks absolutely gorgeous, my ideal visit anywhere revolves around food!