Friday, 10 May 2013

A Bundt for Charity

Did you know that if you eat cake for a good cause it is calorie free? Well it is...or so say those awesome peeps formerly known as the Edinburgh Cake Ladies and now known as the Edinburgh Bakers.  That's right...cake eaten for charity can only do you GOOD.  

This past week I joined a whole slew of keen bakers and eaters at the lovely Cafe Musa to raise a fork and some money for a local children's charity It's Good 2 Give.  Check out the official blog over at the Edinburgh Bakers website...drool over the pictures and congratulate them for a really fantastic event.  

Over 20 people pledged to bake a cake for the event and even more people pledged to eat those cakes (really hard promise to keep...)! When I pledged to bake ages ago I wasn't too sure what to still felt like the middle of winter and I wasn't sure if I would even feel up to baking what with the dinosaur growing in my tummy.  In the end I decided that I would bake an old family favourite, a Lemon Blueberry Cake.  

I love this cake.  It reminds me of summer and picking blueberries.  It is light and fresh and tastes great even after being in the fridge.  My mum makes this cake in a spring form ring pan...I don't have one of those.  I borrowed a bundt tin from a friend...made sure I greased it well and hoped and prayed for the best! 

Even though it had a few minor cracks a thick layer of lemony glaze rounded it off nicely.  You really can't go wrong with lemons and blueberries.  


  1. looked gorgeous and tasted divine! was a fantastic evening and all of us at It's Good 2 Give were so chuffed at amount raised!

  2. well done darling, looks amazing and all for a good cause... but I fear the only calorie free thing here is the hole in the middle x

  3. well done missy!!! I'd say it turned out rather well!!! ...


  4. Oh, you had me at bundt, then add blueberries and lemon glaze . . . it's a slice of heaven on earth!

  5. That sounds delicious, blueberries and lemon, looks great too.