Tuesday, 24 November 2009

A Girl's Gotta Mix!

Cue music...

"I'm so excited, and I just can't hide it....I'm about to lose control and I think I like it!!!"

My cute little kitchen is practically complete!!! No....it hasn't been renovated or redecorated or anything like that...there is simply a new member to our appliance familiy!!! I'll just show you a picture cause I can't possibly do justice to my excitement with a few words...

no no no....it isn't the toaster (which is tres cute and a gift from David's mum) it's the Kitchen Aid Stand Mixer!!! aka MIXMASTER!!!  I am super excited and totally overwhelmed and giddy and all those things that come with getting something so amazing! I don't even own a food processor and yet...I have a beautiful mixmaster.  It is gorgeous and sleek and fits so well in that corner of my counter (which was being wasted, cause what could possibly fill in a corner so well as a mixmaster?)!

My wonderful mother and Aunt Sandi threw me a totally elegant and sophisticated bridal shower while I was visiting Toronto and this incredible and amazing gift was the outcome! I actually bought it over here in the UK, there was no way it would a) fit into my suitcase and b) be under the weight restrictions imposed by British Airways (they obviously have never thought about packing a fricking heavy mixmaster) oh and also because c) it needs the proper electrical plug (duh).  So I dragged poor David with me on Saturday to the friendly neighbourhood department store that just happened to be having a SALE!! Poor pack mule David lovingly carried it all the way back home for me.  He's not a big guy on a good day and so it was very heroic and sweet of him to lug it home for me.  Not to mention the fact that he doesn't get why anyone would need a mixmaster (WHAT???). Luckily he could sort of understand that it was a GIFT from my family and friends who wouldn't be able to come to our wedding.  Bless him and his Kitchen Aid virginity. 

The only sad thing was that I had already made that drool worthy marble cake on Friday and so had to wait wait wait to use the silly thing!

Neverfear! The maiden voyage of the Kitchen Aid was embarked on last night with Toad in the Hole! Not that I need a Mixmaster to make Yorkshire Pudding batter....but that's not for David to know. Teehee. 

siiiigh, can you see all those bubbles?? so lighty and fluffy and beautiful! I don't own a set of handheld beaters, so this is actually very exciting for me...there is no way I would ever get so much air into a batter just using my whisk...without losing an arm.

25 minutes later, ooooey gooey crispy and crunchy sausagey goodness.  Who knows if the mixmaster actually aided the finished product...all I know is that it was damn quick to mix and my arm didn't ache and it hardly matters anyway cause it is a gorgeous and lush piece of kitchen equipment. 

Here's to many more mixing adventures!


  1. What a thing of beauty. I remember when I got my KitchenAid (MixMaster). I too was sooo excited it couldn't be put into words.
    I use it all the time. Davids' birthday/thanksgiving pie was made with that beautiful piece of machinery. He will appreciate it, I know.
    What a lovely pack mule he is.
    Here's to many, many hours of enjoyable cooking and yummy results.

  2. That is an amazing gift!

    One of the great things I heard about Kitchen Aid Mixer is that you can add extensions to it and, for example, you the extention to make homemade pasta :).

  3. Karine- I have already made a list of attachments that I MUST have! Pasta roller is on the top of the list!!

    Auntie Lori- David has already been converted to the world of Kitchen Aid....our neighbours had a Kenwood stand mixer delivered the other day, but they weren't home so the post man asked us to hold onto it, and David said "Our's is waaaay better"!!! OURS! oh David!