Sunday, 1 November 2009

waistline watching...

One of the most exciting things about visiting my parents in Toronto is that I am having my wedding dress made whilst I am here! My mum's aunt is a seamstress and she is working away at having it done in the few weeks that I am here.

Two weeks ago my mum, her aunt and I went and chose the fabric and I had my measurements taken (yikes!). I am so happy that I am having my dress made whilst I am here, not only is it a totally special experience that I get to share with my mum but it is being made by her aunt adding that little extra special touch and feeling to the whole process.

The downside is that the body that I have right now is the body that I am stuck with for the Big Day. Now, I am perfectly happy with my body and definitely wouldn't be dieting or boot-camping anytime in the near future BUT it also means that any toning that I do over the next four-ish months (gak) has to be well planned and minimal....or else, all that hard work of my dear aunt will have gone to pot!

I have been working very hard to tone my waist line in the few weeks that I have here and have vowed to cut out extra sugar and fats from my regular diet...

HOWEVER...I have been drooling over Martha Stewart's Cupcakes cookbook...

Surely vegetable or fruit based muffins (MS calls them all cupcakes) are ok right? The amount of sugar is minimal in these sorts of cakes as is the fat content. So they are an ok balance right? right?

Well, I just couldn't help myself. I have already confessed to David so it is ok to publish this here...Yesterday I made these fabulous carrot cupcakes and today I iced them (cause MS says you have to) with cream cheese and orange icing. I promised myself when I made them that I would give some to my brother, and I only made 1/2 the icing recipe...which still left me with plenty.

I'll do extra crunches for the rest of the week as my penance. I just couldn't pass this up!


  1. Your cupcakes sound delicious!

    I hope your wedding planning is going great :)

  2. Karine- Thanks for stopping by and your comment! The cupcakes stayed nice and moist for what seemes like ages! xo