Wednesday, 10 March 2010

Spring has Sprung! Pasta Primavera for our first meal

While not technically our first meal as newly weds, last night was the first night I have felt like cooking (we had chinese take away sunday night and ate out at my parent's monday night) and I threw together a quick pasta celebrate spring and our new life!!

You can make primavera sauce with or without cream, I happen to like it creamy and with lots of parmesan cheese.  Any vegetables can be used, the best are the stronger veggies like broccoli, peas, carrots, bell peppers and onion.  Some recipes suggest that you blanch the veggies first, but I prefer to just pop them in the boiling pasta water a couple of minutes for the pasta is finished.  Also, I like to sautee some mushrooms with onion and garlic before adding double cream and boiling up until thick.  I like lots and lots of freshly ground pepper and tons of parmesan cheese to season the sauce and then just mix it all up together! Last night I shaved some long strips of carrot, thiny sliced some broccoli and leeks, and I also added some chopped tomatoes to the sauteed mushrooms.  Oh! And don't forget a couple of HUGE handfuls of parsley!


  1. What a lovely plate to serve this special pasta meal. Really simple recipes are so often the best ones.

  2. What a great looking meal. And I agree the dish is beautiful.

  3. That looks delightful! And congratulations on the wedding! I loved your wedding spotlight posts. Leftover cake equals lucky you.

  4. Sage...Rita, thanks the dishes came from my dad xx sucha simple but perfect recipe!

    Moogie...thanks for your kind comments xx

    Jenny...thanks so much jenny!!! yes yes yummy cake!!