Thursday, 4 March 2010

WEDDING SPOTLIGHT...table centrepieces

It is 15 minutes to midnight Thursday night...leaving 36 hours and 15 minutes until our wedding ceremony will officially be underway!!!  It has been a busy busy busy day, and thank GOD my bestie Alice and my bro Charles have been here to help me! Today we picked up the loose flowers I ordered to make the centrepieces and got to work! Luckily we only have 9 tables to decorate...oh and the BAR of course!! 


  1. Congratulations! By now you are probably an married wife. Wishing you all good things and a Happy Life!

  2. Oh my!!!!!!!!!!Soooo this means that soon you'll be married!?!?!?!?! Now I am sooo excited can't wait!! :D hehehe, it feels like I am there :D
    Those flowers are WONDERFUL, and love them!!!It looks so precious!!!
    I send you my very best wishes to you!!! :D Keep us posted!!!
    Love, love love and hugs

  3. The simple ideas are always the best...these work like a!!