Monday, 8 March 2010

WEDDING SPOTLIGHT...the cakes!!!

Years and years and years ago...pre David (and pre Sex In the City) I knew I wanted to serve cupcakes at my wedding (if there was going to be a wedding).  Luckily, David has the sweetest tooth I have ever known and he didn't have to think very long about the options of dense icky fruitcake...vs...sugary, iced, and yummy cupcakes.

We ordered our cakes from an amazing bakery in North London called Lolas Kitchen.  I was fortunate enough to work very close to the bakery last year and Lolas Cupcakes were the treat of choice for staff birthdays so I had become very well versed in their selection and could testify to their amazing quality!!! They were hands down the obvious choice for our wedding cakes....PLUS they make reasonably priced layered cakes as well...making it easier to "cut the cake"!!!

Our wedding day was totally different to anything I have been involved in in North America.  We were married at County Hall by the Registrar at NOON, took many many many photos in the park (cold, but sunny and dry) and then headed to the hotel for a 3 course lunch with 30 guests.  After the meal we hung out in the bar and mingled and rested and took more photos in preparation for the evening reception at 7, to which all of our friends were invited to celebrate with us (and enjoy a BUFFET).  Because the day was split up like this we decided to "cut the cake" at the end of lunch and then put it out with all the cupcakes in the evening for the buffet. (Two of my favourite words....buffet and cupcake....mmmm what a perfect day!) 

In keeping with the un-official colour scheme of the wedding (and my all time favourite cake flavour) we had a perfectly sized 9" Red Velvet Layer Cake. 


The cupcakes for the evening, however, were a mixture of flavours...with a handful of red velvet ones!


I've been able to freeze about a dozen cakes (and a slice from the actual cake) so we will be enjoy this day for MONTHS to come!!! Although....all the chocolate covered ones managed to be eaten...hmmmm?



  1. Good choice - I want cupcakes at my wedding too - everyone loves them and they're easy to serve!

  2. Congratulations!!!!!!!!!

  3. Love the idea of cupcakes and the red velvet cake; in my day is was fruit cake, but I did make it mtyself.