Tuesday, 28 December 2010

a few christmas pics...

napkins sent from auntie sandi 

present from mummy and dad...wonder what it could be?

oooo shallow casserole 

baked goodies for the dessert table

very crowded table...turkey with potatoes and yorkshires, brussels with bacon and chestnuts, stuffing and pigs n blankets (carrots with hazelnuts out of sight)

pancetta and sage wrapped stuffing with pigs n blankets 

boxing day breakfast...


  1. What a fantastic spread you put on. A little bit of everything and delicious to boot. Cooking is so much work but well worth the effort.

  2. Fabulous! First love Aunt Sandi's napkins (and why is that so true especially at Christmas gatherings?!). Anything Le Creuset is perfect but have not see the shallow casserole (note to self; 'must reserach'). Your table looks gorgeous and full! What a treat to spend YOUR holiday with you! Thanks for letting us have a peek!

  3. From beyond my kitchen window...thank you for your lovely comments! so much work...but well well well worth it! Just made two turkey pot pies for the freezer...all the christmas food is almost gone...so quickly! :)

    Boulder Locavore...thanks for your comments!! shallow casserole is the way to go...if i had seen them before i bought my regular casserole I wouldn't have bought it...i've already used it 4 times!! it will live on the stove top, always at hand! stop by anytime! :)

  4. nice! and so glad that someone else made yorkshires... I got a lot of stick for making mine... apparently they're supposed to go with beef?!?! who made up these food rules? what a load of bull!... love love love your le crueset! lucky girl x

  5. Dom...thanks!! David insisted on yorkshires, and i have to say that they weren't the best I've made...but a nice addition...can't beat yorkshires with gravy anyway!! xx