Sunday, 23 January 2011

Bread baking week 4...loaf 5

Last week we were in desperate carb withdraw and practically ate Sunday's loaf of bread in one sitting!! I didn't get a snap of it...and I wish I had since I've changed the method slightly and have used less yeast...different loaf...better loaf...and totally devoured! Wednesday I had to bake a second loaf to see us through the rest of the week ( snap)...I used a Hovis Granary bread mix (it was ok....but also my first Granary loaf) and it did the job.

Today...white loaf, new method...fantastic results.  I've started using a quick blend yeast from Dove Farm add it in with the dry ingredients and add the warm water as the mixture is turning the stand mixer...easy peasy and no need to re-activate the yeast!!! Also... have gone from 2 1/2 tsp yeast to 1 tsp yeast...better taste and more reasonable rise.  That first round loaf I made in the tin was gigantic and too!


  1. isn't it great when the bread goes well? Such a feeling of genuine satisfaction! I too discovered that less yeast makes for a better taste, i think the recipe books worry that there wont be a rise, but if you treat the bread well it'll rise to perfection with just a dash of yeast! Well done you x

  2. Cherry...thanks! i wish it could last long enough for someone other than David to have some! xx

    Dom...treat it well...treat it well...and i find, if i forget about it for hours and let it sit happily rising...even better!

    The Kitchen Maid...thanks!! :)

  3. Just beautiful!
    I have to learn how to make these round loaves of yours; do you have secret that you can share?

  4. secret!! Just using a 9" round spring form pan...seems to work really well! xx

  5. Thank you! Will try that next week.

  6. you should be very proud of your efforts!!!