Sunday, 30 January 2011

Poached Egg with smoked mackerel and spinach

A bit of an impromptu brunch on Saturday...woke up late...lounged around not feeling hungry (thank you gigantic take away chinese meal Friday night)...and all of a sudden realised it was noon!  GAK!

Quickly rustled up this totally yummy and somewhat gourmet brekkie of toasted homemade bread (yum) with sauteed baby spinach, flaked hot smoked mackerel (left over from Thursday's pasta) topped with a perfectly runny poached egg.


  1. Dom....thanks!!! it tasted beautiful as well!!!

  2. Looks delicious. I have never had smoked mackerel though. Does it come in a can or do you smoke it yourself?

  3. what a great way to jazz up the humble and comforting poached egg.....


  4. From Beyond...I had never had smoked fish (except salmon) before I came to the UK. It is smoked in like having an actual piece of fish but smoked...just get it at the supermarket!

    Mummi....oh yes!!! it was perfecto!!