Sunday, 9 January 2011

The end of my first working week...

Alright, so it was only 4 days (as David has so kindly pointed out) the end of my first working week as a full time slave to the man...I am totally exhausted! Commuting is killing me...actually, it isn't killing me...I can do the wake up early and go is in my is the coming home at the end of a long day thing that is killing me...the come in, get cooking (on alternate evenings), eat, wash up (on alternate evenings), do something for an hour, get ready for the next day, get ready for bed, conk out...and then wake up and start all over thing that is really killing me!!

And....what's with a two day weekend? It is Sunday night and I am not mentally (or physically) ready to start this whole thing over again...AND IT IS 5 DAYS THIS WEEK!!

The thing is...I love my job (on week one) and I know that I will continue loving it no matter how hard it is for my body to recover in two....very short....days.

We've eaten well this week, taking turns cooking and have managed to whip up some fabbo quick dinners. All of which means that come the weekend, I get to cook...I get to take longer than 10 mins to prep and longer than 20 mins to cook....I can relax, I can reflect, I can...enjoy.  In my meticulous planning I've singled out Saturday as the day for most of this.  Sunday, on the other hand, has been set aside for bread baking (more to come), mass lunch production, and the preparation of something to feed us over two nights (who wants to cook from scratch on a Monday....ahhh spoken like a true commuter).

And so...on the first Saturday of my first working week, I tried my hand at an albeit simple...yet...skilled...chicken cacciatore.  The recipe comes from an old issue of delicious magazine (need I say more) and will most certainly become a favourite of mine.

The sauce looks a little bit oily in this picture...but i assure you that it wasn't when mixed up.  It is made with mascarpone cheese and tinned cherry tomatoes...and is....To Die For.  I halved the recipe and it seemed to work like a charm....served on top of brown basmati and wild rice....yum!!


  1. Happy to hear everything went well for you. I can imagine the comuute is tough;but you even maked a great meal and posted abou it.

  2. Rita...sometimes it is challenge...but...i like it!!!