Thursday, 11 August 2011

Blasted fridge door!

The morning after we received our grocery delivery last week we woke up to the fridge door open and everything inside hot hot hot...not just!! Bloomin 'eck! Out come the bin bags (and expletives) and in goes the food...all the food...well, except for the veggies...and the butter which was nicely softened...and the few jars that were cool enough.

There wasn't really that much, in the end, that needed to be tossed out...but there were some pretty major elements...a huge pot of double cream, sandwich meats, know, the more expensive elements of my grocery budget.  Out of everything I had to chuck, there were two major purchases that totally broke my heart...A lovely polish kielbasa smoked sausage and a package of sauerkraut ordered with the anticipation of making one of my mum's favourite meals...Sauerkraut and Kielbasa Stew.  

I had a terrible time trying to find replacement ingredients in my little enclave of Edinburgh...actually, it wasn't too difficult to find the was the sausage that was really difficult, and in the end I had to settle for substituting a name brand smoked sausage.

Sauerkraut, carrots, potatoes, smoked sausage, onion, garlic and tomato paste with was as close to my mum's as I could get it without the proper sausage (although this name brand smoked sausage wasn't too bad...just not quite right)...but it totally hit the spot with enough leftovers to brighten up today's miserable weather! 


  1. Oh the double cream! I would kill for some double cream. what a terrible food tragedy. Our fridge beeps annoyingly at us when we don't close it right, but I guess I should be glad it does.
    Your stew looks wonderful, even with the substitutes.

  2. Oh! You poor thing, it's awful to loose all your food in one go, and particularly something specially sourced, with childhood memories.
    Your stew sounds perfect for the autumnal weather, and I'm glad the substitute sausage 'did'.

  3. looks very yummy xxx sorry to hear about the fridge door :(

  4. thank goodness it wasn't the freezer, eh???.....kudos on the stew --- looks quite appetizing and served in such lovely bowls!! good for you...


  5. was very sad...but the stew was great!! :)

    A was really annoying, but i was happy with the substitutes!

    Cherry...thanks! :)

    Mummi-ji...thank god it wasn't the freezer! that would have been a mess! yum yum in the end! :) x

  6. Oh that is dreadful! Sounds like you managed to make do with what you could find though and it looks delish. Hugs and have a happy weekend. xo

  7. was very sad...but happy in the end! happy weekend! :)

  8. sorrya bout your fridge door! i think you managed quite well though, the finished dish looks yummy and homely(:

  9. Oh how horrible for you. I hate having to waste food. We accidentally turned our freezer off once, just before going away for a week - it was heart breaking. Well done for getting the meal done anyway.