Wednesday, 24 August 2011

guests...a new job...and more guests!

Last weekend saw the beginning of our house guest season....6 weeks in a row of visitors...oh and the start of my new job. It looks like I am going to be super duper busy over the next little while, but will try to stay creative and continue to explore...

The weekend started with an amazing meal of curried cream mussels at Seadogs with chips (and a black ale...followed by raspberry, whisky and honey parfait).  The mussels were to.die.for...I had to hold myself back (a bit) from licking the curried cream off of the shells while I was greedily stuffing my face.  As always, Seadogs did not disappoint.  Drinks were flowing all weekend...including a Canadian Club Rye and Ginger Ale that I was surprised to find on offer at a pretty grubby student well as some refreshing G+Ts...lots of ice...not your standard Dot Branning tipple.  

After eating burgers and chips and onion rings and more crap crap crap us girls lined up for the "healthy" baked potato alternative on Sunday....and when I say lined up....I truly mean it.  The line outside The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street wasn't long enough to put us off...and the boys politely gobbled their Oink rolls (hog roast with stuffing and apple sauce) while waiting for us to go in...order...and emerge laden with baked potato vegetarian goodness.  

This place has endless possibilities...and after much humming and hawing I chose Vegetarian Haggis and a greek spinach salad with butter (of course) to fill the two (!!!) baked potatoes that make up the medium option.  With topping options like hummus, couscous salad, avocado, vegetarian curry and the bog standard beans and cheese it is no wonder it took a while to choose...but MAN was it worth the wait in line.  

As I write this the rain is pelting my looks as if the few days of sun we've just had are over.  Keeping my fingers crossed for good weather for the rest of our guests...


  1. I have a tin of vegetarian haggis sitting in the cupboard - I really must get around to trying it. Good luck in your new job.

  2. We love loaded baked potatoes at my house. I usually make the stuffing with sour cream, butter, extra sharp cheddar,green onions,and pancetta. Delicious, but very bad for your hips. Sounds like you had such a nice time.

  3. wow...those jacket potatoes must be the "most" filled i have seen to dad will be impressed with them when he comes by in a few weeks!!!!


  4. We're in the midst of guests here, but only two sets!
    It sounds like a fun weekend, I do hope you are enjoying your new job.

  5. Looks yummy !

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  6. Excuse my language but what the Hell is vegetarian haggis?

  7. SIX weeks of guests... are you MAD?!?!? run away...!... good luck with the new job though x

  8. Oooooh, I want that jacket potato. It looks AMAZING!!!


  9. What an amazing baked potato. That would be my breakfast,lunch, and supper all in one ....xx

  10. Remember what happened to me outside The Baked Potato Shop on Cockburn Street???? LOL ;)