Tuesday, 28 February 2012

Falafel at Home

I am terrified of shallow or deep frying at home...that or I am too cheap to pour a vat of oil into a pot...I haven't decided yet.  Anyway, due to that I shy away from making all sorts of things that I would love to try.  One of them is falafel.  I love love love falafel.  I love the falafel themselves and I love the mixture of sauces and pickles and...if you are lucky cabbage...but I've only made them at home once before, and on that occasion they were baked.  

Trawling the internet last week I came across this recipe for pan fried Falafel Burgers.  Despite not having a food processor to whizz all the ingredients up I thought I would give it a go.  

These falafels were really good.  The ingredients are minimal, and there is no tahini involved (something that I don't like buying cause it sits at the back of the fridge for ages).  The only down side to pan fried or oven baked falafel...they are patties instead of lovely little crisp balls.

Oh...the flatbreads...they are Dan Lepard's Corn Oil Flour Tortillas...incredible as always!


  1. Mmmmmmmm, you are making me hungry here Victoria. I too love falafel. Yum!

  2. Delicious. I have a great falafel recipe in the Kenwood book, and sometimes make them in France, like you I don't do deep frying.

  3. So true about the frying but do try the shallow fry then bake method. It works really well. You kind of seal in the pan with a little oil then bake on a very high temp till cooked. I adore falafel!

  4. These look fab! I'm the same with regards frying at home but I will definitely have to give these a go.


  5. I used to be afraid of deep frying, then I figured out that the oil doesn't have to be that deep, and if you use a small pan and fry in batches, it doesn't take that much oil. But I do agree it's hard to throw it all away afterward, it just feels wrong, somehow! I love falafel whether it's baked or fried, so these patties look great to me. I'm going to check out those tortillas, too.