Sunday, 30 September 2012

Chocolate Connoisseur Class at Coco

On Friday night my mum and I became Chocolate Connoisseurs...seriously.  We were very kindly given a voucher for a tasting evening at the gorgeous Coco of Bruntsfield (but at the Broughton Street location).  

The evening was designed to demonstrate the process of making proper chocolate from the cocoa bean right through to it's finished form.  We learnt the history of the cocoa bean, the introduction of cocoa to Europe and the process of industrialisation that makes chocolate what we know it today. 

We started the evening with a warming shot of hot chocolate...the proper stuff...and then went on to sample chocolate in various forms of production.  

I am not a big chocolate lover.  After my evening at Coco I might be converted...unfortunately my conversion will come at a cost.  I can now appreciate why people love GOOD chocolate.  It is smooth, it is silky and it tastes like chocolate (not sugar).  

So good.


  1. I have always wanted to go to one of their classes. The shop is amazing. Glad to have a another chocolate convert ;0)

  2. That sounds brilliant and yes, there is nothing better than good quality dark chocolate. Just paid an arm and a leg for some down in York :)

  3. What a wonderful evening, I'd find that so interesting.