Thursday, 6 September 2012

Sweet Honey Buns...using New Zealand Manuka Honey

I was really happy to be asked to try some of the New Zealand Honey Co.'s new Manuka Honey Range.  Firstly, because I'm always happy to try new things and secondly, because my meagre grocery budget can't really stretch to much more than the basics or value range honey.

The lovely people at New Zealand Honey Co. sent me 2 jars of their new flavoured Manuka Honey Range.  Their arrival co-incided perfectly with my in-laws' recent visit...posh honey with their breakfasts! It was like I planned it. We all eagerly devoured the ginger flavoured honey smeared on thick slices of toast and drizzled over oatmeal or thick greek yoghurt with fruit. It was perfectly sweet with actual bits of ginger sprinkled though out.

While they were tucking into the jar of ginger honey I sneaked the second jar...lemon...into the cupboard reserving it for something special.

I've been thinking about this special bake for a while.  In reality it isn't that special at all...but it involves an enriched dough and a honey you make up your mind.  

If you've been reading for a while you will know that I love yeasted bakes...buns buns and more buns! I can't really get enough of them.  Recently I have been obsessed with cardamom and everything Scandi but since my visit to Canada I've been dreaming of honey buns.  

In my mind honey buns are just enriched dough flavoured with honey and brushed with a sweet glaze.  Plain and simple.  I used a recipe from Pastry Affair to get the quantity of ingredients right, but then adapted the recipe to suit my normal method of making an enriched dough (plus I use easy blend yeast which really makes life so much simpler).  

These buns are great. They are soft and sweet and oh so moorish slathered with unsalted butter.  They are delicious on the day they are baked and also freeze well (defrost over night under a cake dome or upturned bowl).  The lemon flavour was not as strong as I would have liked it to be but I'm sure that is a result of being in a baked good.  The honey on its own straight from the jar is perfectly lemony.  

I like these Manuka Honeys from the New Zealand Honey Co.  They are creamy and smooth and the added flavours compliment the sweet honey well.  I would love to say that I'll never buy budget brand again, but based on the speed we devoured the jar of ginger honey I don't think I could afford to keep us in Manuka Honey in my weekly shop.  I would, however, recommend it as a great breakfast treat for visiting guests, family and in-laws.  

New Zealand Co.'s new Manuka "Plus" Range is available in UK Morrisons stores at a RRP of £9.99 


  1. beautiful!... as you know I love the Manuka honey and I also love some honey buns... adorable!...

  2. They look fantastic. I would be more than happy to sink my fangs into a couple of these little beauties.