Sunday, 14 April 2013

Cheddar Cheese English Muffins

I can't stay away, and the purchase of a new camera (for baby snaps) means that I have been taking pictures of food again...which also means I have something new to share.  

On Friday a friend of mine told me that she was going to make some English Muffins over the weekend and even though I had just baked a batch of gooey cinnamon-y cream cheesy brownies I couldn't shake the feeling that I needed to make some too.  So, when I woke up Saturday morning I got down to the business of bread making.  

I've make English Muffins before using Dan Lepard's cider and yoghurt muffin recipe, which involves making a ferment the night before, and then bringing that to room temperature before making the dough and then proving, proving, proving...don't get me wrong, the muffins were excellent...but I just don't have the time for that. Instead, I turned to Delia's basic recipe and adapted it slightly.  

I used a combination of white and wholemeal bread flours (300g white to 150g wholemeal) and added a sprinkle more yeast and a couple extra Tbsps of milk to help the wholemeal along.  I also added a handful of grated extra mature cheddar to make these muffins a touch more savoury. 

I use my shallow cast iron casserole to cook my muffins...and I use the helps to keep the heat and moisture in the cooking area and I think it makes the muffins rise highhhher.  Like any homemade bread these muffins do take time, and patience...but well worth the wait! 


  1. they are stunning, and it's great to have you post again!

  2. lovely to get a post again - and hearing about your lovely new camera - muffins sound delightful too xx

  3. So lovely to see you post! Hope everything is going well. These muffins look utterly gorgeous.


  4. I must try those muffins. Thats the sort of food i like. Hope you are keeping well...xx

  5. nice to see you posting again!!! your muffins look scrummy!!! bet they were gone in a matter of seconds,,,,


  6. Wow, Victoria, these look amazing. I made English muffins and crumpets recently, but never sour dough. I bet they have a wonderful flavor!