Friday, 19 April 2013

Marshmallow Salad

This is one of those desserts that reminds me of long weekends in May and summer is one of my Grandma's signature dishes...and a firm family favourite.  A total doddle to throw together, it is more of an open packets and mix together kind of recipe than anything else.  

I call it Marshmallow Salad, I've heard it referred to as White Trash Salad...its proper name is Ambrosia  and hails from the Southern United States (apparently) so who knows how it came to be in my Grandma's repertoire.  All I know is it is comforting and ridiculously easy to eat.  

Basically the recipe goes something like this...drain a couple cans of fruit salad (preferably with extra cherries) and maybe a tin of mandarine oranges and some extra pineapple chunks.  Cover with a decent amount of sour cream, or in this case Creme Fraiche, sprinkle with sweetened coconut and 3 handfuls of mini marshmallows (or more).  Mix it all together and refrigerate until time to devour.  

Deliciously Trashy


  1. Loving your Deliciously Trashy dessert xx
    with extra cherries xx

  2. Hurray Grandma Kay !!!