Monday, 29 April 2013

Baby Shower

I've been awake since 5:45 this morning...I don't know if it is baby related or the fact that the sun is shining through my rather thick curtains...either way...I'm up. Yesterday some friends threw me a lovely afternoon tea baby shower.  It was gorgeous...along the lines of the one we had before Christmas at my house...everyone brought something and we sat and chatted, ate, drank tea and whiled away the afternoon.  

The Spread, including my savoury platter with gougeres and artichoke bites

tomato and bacon tart 

cheese scones 

pea and asparagus flan 

the infamous MTB

banana cream pie

fruit scones with all the fixings

pear and ginger cake

mini cheesecakes with an Oreo and pretzel base

A truly lovely afternoon with some fantastic ladies and one of the cutest little men (3 month old Alfie) in all of Edinburgh.  


  1. How Wonderful xxx What a delightful spread xx

  2. Aww, sounds like a lovely way to spend the day!

  3. Lovely blog post! That MTB looks epic ;)

    You can also tell you have a new camera, the quality of the pictures is brilliant.


  4. Lucky mummy-to-be .... what a delicious looking selection !!!


  5. Lol it was a lovely afternoon! And Alfie loves it!!!! He especially loved u that day! X

  6. How lovely, the food looks gorgeous!