Monday, 5 October 2009

Use it up Meal #6

Wow...three days ago I couldn't believe how long and drawn out this Use it up Meals challenge felt, and is almost OVER! woop woop wooooooop!!! Thank goodness for that!!! I have totally spent the £10.00, the last little bit going on a loaf of bread and a tin of chopped tomatoes...and even then it was tight...counting every single penny! ugh. I hope that doesn't come across as too snobby or pretentious, I feel like I have really struggled to come up with interesting and nutritious meals for me and David over the last week, but I DO recognize that perhaps £10.00 a week could be normal for some families (not even just two people, or one person...a family)...

Ok, so last night (Sunday) David and I had a lovely vegetable madras curry for dinner, with really nice basmati rice. Seriously, it was so nice! cauliflower, leeks, potato, carrot, celery and pak so so nice! But....totally not photo-worthy!

I guess, in the end really, the best ways to use up all those odd ends in the fridge and cupboards is to make some sort of stew or soup or curry or stir fry and have it with rice or another starch. Pasta, risotto, curry, soup, stir fry....chop chop chop, fry fry fry, stir stir stir, add sauce and serve...easy peasy!

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