Sunday, 4 October 2009

Use it up Meals #4 and 5

Who thought that this challenge would be so difficult? hmmmm??

Fridays after work or class David usually meets some friends in the pub so I never know exactly when he is going to show up or what state he will be in. Because of that I rarely make anything exciting for Friday night dinner. Once I made really yummy baked salmon fillets and then ended up eating alone in the TV room with two cats pressing their noses up against the window. Since then I haven't gone to much effort. This past Friday night was no different, and with the Use it up Meals project in full swing I defrosted an ice cream container of Leek and Potato Soup.

I am not sure if defrosting is cheating, or not. Technically I am using up what I have in the house, so I guess it is ok? I did, however, also make blanched Swiss Chard dressed with lemon and olive oil (yum yum yum) to accompany with a baguette and soft butter. I can report that David did not like the Swiss Chard, he tried it and didn't want it. He usually will eat it, when I flash fry it...the bad news is that I have about 14 plants in full production at the allotment at the moment!! Next year I will know to only plant 5 or 6...hahaha.

In the end Use it up Meal #4: Leek and Potato Soup with dressed greens on the side was satisfying.

We went to the market early(ish) yesterday and bought some supplies for a nice meal for the weekend and for our Monday night supper (we are having guests...way to streeeeeetch the budget and challenge)! Leaving £1.30 for the remaining meals. As the money leaves my hot little hands my enthusiasm is lessening, but I am happy to say that I pulled out all the stops for Use it up Meal #5. It is amazing how two gorgeous pork chops can get the creative juices flowing!

Having moved to the UK from Canada it boggles my mind that people here rarely BBQ except during the summer months. During the winter months in my parents' backyard there is always a neatly shovelled pathway from the backdoor to the BBQ. But alas, I have no BBQ (it will be at the top of my list once we are settled) and so I happily use this Le Creuset grill pan to cook chops, steaks and sausages.

My wonderful and extremely thoughtful Aunt Sandi lugged this gorgeous (and seriously heavy) cast iron grill pan all the way from Toronto to London when she came to visit in the Spring. I love love love love it and think that it is an invaluable piece of kitchen kit. Seriously, I can't survive without BBQ-style cooking!

I present Use it up Meal #5
Grilled Pork Chops with squash puree, braised red cabbage and HOMEMADE Braeburn Apple Sauce
(sorry for the blurry pic. I need to invest in a new digital camera)

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