Tuesday, 6 October 2009

Use it up Meal FINALE!

dum dum dum dum daaaaaaaa daaaaaaaaaaaaaaa

It is finally over! Last night saw the end of the ridiculous Use it up Meals challenge. Man what a difficult, at sometimes uninspiring and boring, but satisfying thing to do. And, as if by coincidence, last night's finale meal was also out very first dinner party at our NEW dining table in our NEW home!!!

Cue fireworks!!!

Now, I am not going to stun you all by flaunting a three course meal on a ZERO budget...so don't roll your eyes. I had bought some minced beef during the weekend for this very meal and used it up by making a yum yum yumma cottage pie (I don't even want to bother getting into the shepherd/cottage pie debate)! And to accompany the deeeeeelish dish....green salad, cold cooked beetroot (both from my allotment), peas and corn (freezer staple) and red cabbage coleslaw (David's new favourite). It was so nice to round off the Use it up Meal week with a celebration with lovely company and an equally as lovely meal.

Now...time to come clean...the MAIN course stayed within the ends of my budget. If you will remember I actually spent the LAST pennies the day before...David, however, bring the fantabulous host that he is, spent his own "going out money" on drinks and dessert for the night! What a sweetheart! While I shudder at the admission that my dessert wasn't homemade, store bought custard and apple turnovers served warm is a great treat on a cold and drizzly evening. So...let's make this clear...I am not the one who over spent...it was David doing it out of the goodness of his heart!

having proved to myself that I can spend well within my means I suppose I will have to try to make this lesson stick...really? Do I have to?

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