Wednesday, 4 May 2011

Easy Peasey pea soup

Things are "almost" back on track here in 21st century urban housewife land....the menu for the next couple of weeks has been set, the groceries ordered and delivered...the sun is shining and my kitchen is totally my favourite room in my new flat!

It is quite possibly 1 million times bigger than the Chelmsford kitchen...and...check out that window! I have more counter space than I could ever dream gorgeous country kitchen table! oh...and did I mention the window??

So...things are getting back to normal...I am enjoying exploring my new surrounds...and have managed to squeeze myself back into my tights and ballet leotard and am dancing my little heart out!! 21st century urban housewife takes on the world!! Not quite...but...I am feeling great! anticipation of my (very late) dance class last night...I made this simple yet filling pea soup...

This pea, pancetta and mint soup comes from the April issue of Olive magazine...from the 7 meals for £35 and easy!!

Basically, in your soup pot you fry up a pack of those pancetta cubes until they are crisp and then take out whatever you want for the garnish.  To the fried pancetta you add one medium potato, in cubes and 500ml of chicken stock...bubble that away until the potato is totally cooked and then add in 250g of frozen peas.  Simmer that for a few minutes and then turn off the heat, stir in a handful of chopped mint and then blitz it all up until smooth.  Served topped with some plain yoghurt and the reserved pancetta.

This recipe makes enough for 2 big bowls, but it would be easy to double the recipe...which I am definitely going to do next time.  Also..the pancetta is salty so the soup needs no seasoning at all!!! yum yum yummmmmmo!


  1. Ooooh, that sounds gorgeous - and love the colour too - very springlike!


  2. ...and on THIS side of the Atlantic -- we're very glad to hear that you're back on track --- soup looks yummy!!! will definitely have to make it....


  3. WOW Vic! Your kitchen is STUNNING!!