Monday, 30 May 2011

First set of house-guests!!!

We welcomed our first set of house-guests this past weekend!! David's mummy and sister made the quick trip up from Essex on Friday night and we got down to the business of exploring the city...after a filling, and wonderful evening at the Seadogs restaurant (my fave).  We must have walked every inch of the city centre, up and down the hills, up and down the volcano, up and down everything.  They truly saw Edinburgh from every angle!

What better way to recuperate after all that walking?? Cake, of course!! Oh, and tea...or wine...

In preparation for our guests I made a Mary Berry "fast cake" recipe for an easy apple cake.  This cake WAS super easy, and FAST to prepare...but it bakes for 1 1/4

Even so, it was super easy to make.  There didn't appear to be enough batter, but because Mary Berry uses self-raising flour and baking powder the cake rose and spread really nicely.  So, yes, quick to put all the dry ingredients into one bowl and then mix in eggs, almond extract and MELTED butter (so no worrying about taking the butter out of the fridge the night before!) I used a mixture of sliced pears and sliced apples, which I think made the cake a bit too moist...the pears were pretty juicy to begin with...but still more than edible!


  1. This cake looks delicious. What a nice mix of fruit too. I love your colorful cake plate, I bet any dessert looks good on it.

  2. I love apple cake, especially with custard! Yours looks yummy and bet your guests loved it.


  3. What an Amazing Cake that was !! and what an Adorable and Amazing Host and Hostess XXX

  4. Looking good and easy Vitoria; can't go wrong with and apple cake. Love that plate.

  5. From Beyond...the cake plate was a anniversary gift from my aunt, and it does make everything look amazing! i love it!!

    Maria...thanks for your comment!! it seemed to go down well!

    Cherry...teehee....thanks!!! our guests were pretty amazing too!!! was so easy!!! :)

  6. This cake looks delicious! I love the cake stand, it's so perky!

  7. Ocean was so yummy!! I love my cake stand is perfect for everyday cakes! :)