Thursday, 19 May 2011

Super easy veggie main

This is the kind of mid-week dinner that is great if you are rushed off your feet with work...except...I am not...rushed off my feet or otherwise.  I am currently in the land of the great unemployed, and while I enjoy MOST of the time I spend tidying, cleaning and exploring...I am totally craving getting back into the stressful, busy, exhausting world of work.  I am serious...the cheesy afternoon tv movies are starting to repeat...and if I haven't seen them before...I know what is going to happen anyway....sigh.

So, my point? Well, last night's dinner was yummy...but way to quick to prepare.  I should be spending this time unemployed by slow roasting a piglet or something...not by slapping together a quickie, even if that quickie was totally scrummy.

The recipe for these roasted peppers came from an insert in the latest copy of delicious magazine.  You slice up some courgette, cherry tomatoes, garlic and red onion and toss it all in some olive oil.  Then fill the halves of your peppers, put them in a baking dish and top with goats cheese.  Into the oven it goes (at 180C) for about 30 mins, until everything is soft and the cheese is melted and gooey.  Meanwhile I made some couscous and mixed it with a huge handful of chopped herbs (mint, basil and parsley).

That's it...35 mins

You could even get it ready in the morning and then pop it into the oven when you get home...


  1. Another yummy recipe that I shall be trying, It's making me hungry thinking about it!

  2. Jayne...these were soooo yummy, and really good the next day cold with salad for lunch (use goats cheese log...the soft stuff) :)