Tuesday, 3 May 2011

Royal Housewife!

Kate Middleton...ahem....I mean the Duchess of Cambridge has announced she is going to focus on being a housewife for the time being!! While my new flat here in Edinburgh might not be quite as remote as her romantic cottage in Wales and the paparazzi isn't exactly following me around...I totally appreciate the feeling of wanting to "housewife"and I am sure she will be a brilliant 21st century housewife.  I wonder how I can make her aware of my blog??

I have no shame in declaring that I have been literally anticipating this union for the last however many months.  I'll admit I didn't go Royal Wedding tat crazy...but I did have my brunch menu planned for...oh...about 3 months!! Seriously...Kate...call me! 

My Ultimate Royal Wedding Brunch: 
Scones with cream and jam, Deviled Eggs, Smoked Salmon
Coronation Chicken sandwiches, cheese and pate platter, Pork Pie 
and Bubbly.  

Many happy returns Kate and Wills! 


  1. very nice spread... should have told me, i'd have been round like the wind!

  2. Oh my goodness that looks sooooo good. Seriously yummy!

    Hope you're enjoying Edinburgh so far. I've only been a couple of times as a tourist but in both occasions it struck me as a thoroughly lovely place to live.


  3. Lovely to have you back in blogland xxx Lovely spread xxx Lucky Hubby xxx

  4. Oh yum that all looks delicious. Did you have some champers to go wash it all down with? Im sure that the royals have a twitter page, didnt they announce their engagement on there?

  5. Dom...you are welcome anytime...as long as you bring cake!!
    Seren...thanks!!! yup...settling in and loving the city!
    Cheery...happy to be back!..lucky wifey too!
    AB...hahaha i doubt she reads the tweets!
    Jayne...the bubbly was flowing all day! mmmmm! thanks : )

  6. Everything looks marvellous! I think Kate could definitely take a few tips from you on the art of modern housewifery x