Tuesday 22 February 2011

in loco parentis

Back home from visiting mes parents for the last week...


Maple Dip and Chocolate Glazed 

The KING of all coffees! mmmm Medium Double Double

Saturday 5 February 2011

My new favourite tart (oooooeerrrrrrr)

Oh my god....I am not kidding...this week I made the most amazing (and quick) savoury tart.  Totally easy, but dressed up to the nines, this tart is now at the top of my list for dinner parties, potlucks and picnics.  The recipe comes from the February issue of delicious magazine (ooooohhhh so delicious)...which reminds me...the new issue must be out now....

Every month the kind kind writers and editors at delicious magazine offer up 5 speedy, easy and relatively kind on the wallet recipes to help one plan one's weekly suppers.  Every month I look at them and think...ohhh I really should try that....oooooohhhhh that looks good....ooooooo let's just do it....and then, I don't.  Mostly because they use special ingredients from a whole range of different supermarkets....and mostly because when it comes to planning my meals I have forgotten about the stir fry/quick steak/fajitas that looked good last week!!

But this week...fear not!! I knew as soon as I saw this gorgeous tart I would have have have to make the effort to doll up a quick off the train and down my gob kinda meal.

Now...I normally don't post recipes, but this is sooooo good and simple I must must must share!!!

Sticky Onion Tart
adapted (of course) from delicious magazine Feb 2011


Sheet of store bought puff pastry (to fit tart tin)
2 Tbsp onion relish (I used Tiptree...yum yum...)
1 egg plus 2 egg yolks
4 Tbsp creme fraiche (or 80ml double cream)
1 Tbsp whole grain mustard
75g creamy blue cheese cut into small pieces
small handful of hazelnuts roughly chopped
leaves from a few sprigs of lemon thyme


Pre-Heat oven to 200 C  and put a baking tray (large enough to fit tart tin) inside to preheat

Line your tart tin (mine is about 8") with puff pastry
Spread onion relish over base of pastry shell (use more than 2 Tbsp if you need to...I did)
In a bowl whisk together egg, egg yolks, mustard and creme fraiche until smooth
Pour egg mixture into tart shell
Evenly distribute cheese onto of mixture
Sprinkle with chopped hazelnuts and thyme leaves

(you can brush the pastry with an egg wash if you like...I don't bother)

bake on preheated baking tray for about 18 mins, until pastry golden

I had cold left overs yesterday on the train and it was even better I think!!! Try it...you won't be disappointed!