Tuesday 18 December 2012

Nova Scotia Oatcakes...something a little different for the holidays

Not a lot of Christmas Baking going on here this year...actually there has been zero Christmas Baking going on here this year.  No florentines, no mince tarts, no cream cheese cookies no nothing.  I haven't changed my name to Ebenezer...we're just not going to be around for the holidays this year.  We're off to spend time with David's family and the travelling means no baked goods, although I suppose I could have just made billions of treats like normal and gorged on them prior to Christmas risking fitting into my plane seat...

I still wanted to give my colleagues something baked as their Christmas giftie so I whipped up a half batch of an old family favourite of mine.  Nova Scotia Oatcakes.  

These oatcakes are a cross between a Scottish Oatcake (savoury and crispy) and an oatmeal cookie (soft and sweet).  I love them with a slice of cheese or a smear of creamed honey.