Wednesday, 14 April 2010

Cauliflower Cheese Pie...side or main??

Tonight's meal was a bit of an open the fridge and create something from nothing kind of meal...basically I had a gigantic cauliflower and that was about it!! My cauliflower repitoire is rather limited to cold cauliflower salad, soup, curry or cheese... I knew I didn't want a curry and David and I had soup for supper a few nights ago...after looking though some books and on the internet I decided to use some leftover cheese, cream and bacon to make a cauliflower cheese pie.  When I was out and about today I picked up a package of puff pastry and that's about all I needed!!! 

Before this morning I didn't even know there was such a thing as cauliflower cheese pie...I mean cauliflower cheese makes for an excellent side dish...but a pie?? Some of the recipes I saw on-line suggested putting the cauliflower in the pie mixture RAW and letting the heat from the oven/sauce cook it...I wasn't down with that...I love raw cauliflower (with dip) but not in a hot pie! So I par-boiled the cauliflower first...made the cheese sauce...and fried some bacon and shallots...mixed it all together, added some frozen peas...poured it all into a gorgeous enamel pie dish...topped with some puff pastry and baked!! 

Easy as....well...PIE! 

Originally, I was going to serve this just with a side of coleslaw...but then I remembered the two cooked chicken legs sitting in my fridge from last night....perfect! cold chicken, hot and cheesey cauliflower pie and crunchy coleslaw...CC and C!!

Taking this chance to show off the new oil cloth on our kitchen table...I love polkadots!


  1. the pie looks really cute in that little tin dish - it all looks and sounds delicious x- polkadots very David and Victoria xx

  2. What a lovely hearty dinner dish. Looks great!
    *kisses* HH

  3. I've never seen cauliflower served this way before, but I must say it looks quite tasty. I found your blog by chance but I'll be back often. I really like the food you feature here. I hope you are having a wonderful day. Blessings...Mary

  4. Your take on the caulifower sounds quite appetizing....I love your old fashioned tin dish and polka-dotty tablecloth!!!!!


  5. Cherry...thanks!! the pie dish is oh so cute and retro!! xx

    Heavenely Housewife...thanks for stopping by!! it certainly was hearty!! and excellent as leftovers as well!! xx

    Mary...welcome to 21st century housewife and thanks for your kind words! See you next time! xx

    Mummi...the dish is from lakeland...and the table cloth, well you know where that's from!! xx

  6. Another amazing post! What is an 'oil cloth'? Is that a posh name for a tablecloth or is it referring to something fancy?

  7. Mmmm... This sounds insanely tasty! I love cauliflower!

  8. Back-yard letters...just a pvc table the olden days pre PVC they were coated in somesort of oil to make them waterproof. surprised your mum didn't have one? are so creative i am sure you can whip up something like this in no time! :)