Thursday, 8 April 2010

tartelette au citron...pining for Paris

I've got a few days off from work...the sun is shining...the flowers are blooming...jackets are optional...and I am pining for Paris.  I've been addictively watching Raymond Blanc's most recent cooking show on TV dreaming off all things French.  To ease my pain I whipped up a small batch of lemon curd this morning and made these tartelettes au citron.  I just happened to have some pastry leftover from making the quiche on Tuesday. There is something about the delicate small pastries that are so prominetly and gracefully displayed in the windows of the patisseries of Paris.  While not bite-sized...these THREE bite (lady-like bites) lemon tarts lifted my spirits today!


  1. oh what a wonderful dessert! They look wonderful and so elegant on that cake stand!
    :) Congratulations on these ones, Victoria!

  2. Hey girl... I finally found time to come for a viist. And what do I see, a yummy lemon tart. They look fabulous!

    By the way, I'm pining for Paris also.

  3. ooohhhh my favourite! I have a recipe for Lemon Curd - have our own lemon tree here in NZ and so even get to pick the lemons!

  4. Annalisa...thanks!! it was really simple and satisfying! xo

    Moogie....glad you are back!! thanks for your comments! meet you in Paris??

    BackYardLetters...I would love to have my own lemons!! lucky you!! xoxo