Thursday, 1 April 2010

A Lentil Based Shepherds Pie (to make up for the miserable meatless monday)

Tuesday the weather let up and bit, and so did my mood, allowing me a small window of time to wander into town and buy some supplies for the week (you know bread for sandwiches and other lunch stuff...)  Not only did I have time to wander into town but I also had time to tackle the "batch cooking" I needed to get used to doing.  My first proper attempt at batch that i am a working housewife...and I thought that I would make a big batch of Shepherds Pie...but with LENTILS!

I used this recipe from the BBC good food website. It took about an hour to actually cook the filling because I used dried lentils, but you could just as easily use canned green lentils.  This recipe made an unbelievable amount of filling...enough for two casserole dishes for 4 people AND my two 10 servings in all (3 meals for us plus left overs for lunches for me!) I decided to top Tuesday's pie with sweetpotato mash (a nice change) and topped the other with regular mashed potatoes (to freeze).  The flavour was actually really close to my idea of cottage pie or shepherds pie..the texture is obviously different but really nice in my opinion. 

David really enjoyed it.  And then...after dinner...when we were watching tv....Sophie Dahl made Lentil Shepherds Pie on her new cooking show The Delicious Miss Dahl!

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