Sunday, 23 May 2010

Homemade Two-Bite Brownies

One of my favourite of the most moorish...and one of the most addictive treats are TWO BITE BROWNIES.  These little morsels of sweet squidgy chocolatey brownie are so so so addictive and hardly "two bite"...I mean I can easily polish off the bag without a second thought. 
It is so hard to find these tasty treats here in Chelmsford.  I have spied them in the lush food halls of Selfridges Department Store...but haven't been able to justify the outrageous price (and have been too tempted by the macarons and Lola's cupcakes etc.). 

This past week I found a recipe for brownie bites in a children's cooking book (perfect size for little hands) and thought that it would be an excellent experiment.  Turns out it was a success!!

Not exactly the same texture as my dense store bought brownies, but a really nice substitute! These brownies are made in a pot on the stove top (novel??) melt the butter and chocolate together and then add in the rest of the was so so so easy!! 

Two-Bite Brownies with Walnuts (makes 24)

50g walnuts, chopped finely
80g butter
150g dark chocolate, broken into chunks
150g brown sugar, packed
1 egg, beaten lightly
50g plain flour
60g creme fraiche

Pre-heat oven to moderate (about 180 C), lightly grease 12 cup mini muffin tin, divide chopped walnuts among holes.
Stir butter and chocolate together in a small saucepan over low heat until smooth
Stir in sugar, cool until just warm
Stir in egg, then flour, then creme fraiche
Spoon into prepared tins (can be filled right up to top)

Bake 15mins
Let sit 10 mins
Turn out onto cooling rack


  1. yes they are Amazing - I was lucky enough to receive a little bundle of them yesterday when David and Victoria came to lunch xx

  2. Do you think you could substitute sour cream for creme fraiche. It's so expensive here...

  3. cherry...thanks again for lunch...yum yum xx betcha! it was supposed to be sour THAT is so expensive!!! haha xxx