Tuesday, 18 May 2010

Vegetarian Tagine...Harissa Paste Novice

Harissa Paste is a concentrated chili sauce used in North African cooking...and used too liberally...it can blow your socks off!!!  My auntie sandi brought me a little tube of this powerful stuff (amongst all the other wonderful things she brought me....what a great auntie!!) and I have been searching for the perfect vegetarian recipe to give this paste a go. 

At work the tagines have been flying off the shelf thanks to Jamie Oliver and The Hairy Bikers, who have both broadcast shows on Moroccan cuisine over the last month or so...and I've taken more than one look at the tagine cookbook....while I don't have my own tagine (or the space for it...although I have been dreaming of a fig coloured Emile Henry small tagine) most dishes can be made in a casserole dish...or even a standard saucepan really. 

Meat-based tagines can cook away for hours...tenderizing the meat and creating lovely thick juices...well....luckily....vegetarian versions only take a portion of the time (as long as it takes to cook the veggies)...

Butternut squash, carrots and chickpea tagine served with toasted almond couscous...and topped with...you get it...YOGHURT! yum yum yum!

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