Sunday, 6 June 2010

30 on the horizon...

Thirty tomorrow...
Pale pink peonies and chocolate cupcakes iced with pale pink icing...
Happy Birthday Me!

My friend Clare lent me her copy of Cupcakes from the Primrose Bakery and, since David is seriously wrapped up in exams at the moment, I thought that I would celebrate myself by spending Sunday morning doing what I love most (after David of course)...baking!!  These light and moist chocolate cupcakes were easy to whip up buttercream turned out alright in this stupid humid heatwave we are having (bring on the rain!!) And the peonies? you might ask...well they bloom on cue for my birthday back home in my parent's garden so I thought they were a fitting (if outrageously expensive) treat...hey! I am only 29 for one more day...gotta milk it!


  1. Happy birthday!
    I love peonies - they take so long to open fully and reveal layer after layer of frilly loveliness! Gorgeous cupcakes too!

  2. Caked Crusader...thanks for your comments!! I am hoping the peonies will last a while!! the cupcakes...will not!!! ahahha x good luck with your own celebratory event tomorrow!! :)

  3. YOur fantastic -have a great 30th - and make the Celebrations last ALL YEAR x

  4. Celebrate yourself and others will follow! Gorgeous peonies... They are almost done here actually because of our stupid heat wave!
    Enjoy the cupcakes :) Look delish!

  5. Happy belated birthday! Hope you had a good one; love the look of those cupcakes.