Friday, 25 June 2010


Last night I finally got around to cracking the spine in Yotam Ottolenghi's new vegetarian cookbook, Plenty, lovingly sent to me for my birthday by my Auntie Sandi.  The recipes in his book are incredible, I mean I have been flipping through it over and over for weeeeeeks...and last night I finally got around to assembling enough ingredients to make his mouthwatering Broadbean Burgers.  I've just linked to the original recipe from the Guardian newspaper, and the reprint in the completed cookbook is very close to the original (except he now suggests to PEEL the beans once cooked...which I did...labouriously). 

These are not the first vegetarian burgers I have made, but I think they are definetly the best for texture, and variety of ingredients and, really...well..everything.  I was really impressed, and so was David! I used frozen broadbeans and they were totally fine! I've frozen the extras, so we'll see what happens...


  1. I absolutely adore vegetarian burger, but have yet to find a recipe that fiils my craving. Yours might be the ones; thank you.

  2. Hoia Darling....those look soooo scrumptious!!
    Just think, we could have been eating those at Ottolenghi...on that rainy Sunday in February:)....but we couldn't GET THERE...trains/linework/schedules/works...
    And you really peeled the broadbeans? So, when you make fresh pasta, you lay the strips out evenly by-hand too right??? It is "the way" yoooooooo, sandi

  3. :D Wow!!!!Love these!thought I could make them and maybe some also using chickpeas...:) These looks so yummy but most of all so healthy!!
    Very creative and talented :)

  4. Great I'm going to my veg plot now to pick some beans!!!

  5. Rita...these burgers are fantastic! And We've frozen them and they are still great defrosted...yum yum!!

    Sandi...of course it is "the way"!!

    Annalisa...i bet your daughter would love them!

    Jaygmart...thank you for your kind words! I've not had much off the plants in the backyard so i've used frozen...which work just fine!! Thanks for stopping by!