Monday, 6 June 2011

a few more words...

First, thank you for all your "jealous" comments... I am totally jealous of myself too!! 

I've been toying with the idea of getting a second bowl for my stand mixer pretty much since the day I wonderful David carried it home through Chelmsford town centre.  Ok, two bowls might seem a bit...luxurious...but, I don't have a hand mixer...I don't have a food processor...I only have my glorious stand mixer....meaning that those recipes that call for eggs whites to be whisked separately are totally annoying...they require more planning than I am prepared to do. So a second bowl it is.  I decided on the glass bowl is just simply gorgeous.  Saying that, it is flipping difficult to find in the UK! 

After some web searches I was beginning to fear that the only way to fulfil my Kitchen Aid dream was going to be through an online purchase.  I went to John Lewis and asked for luck...I went to luck...finally, on a whim I popped into the cute Creative Cookware Shop on Edinburgh's Rose Street, where I found the friendliest staff I've come face to face with in a long time.  I asked...and was so happy to discover that while Kitchen Aid accessories weren't stocked in store they could be ordered!! It might take a while to be delivered, I was told...I am in no hurry...says I.  

Just over one week later...My kitchen counter looks so much more happy! 


  1. First one to say...yes I'm jealous; lucky you.

  2. So not only do you have a lovely bowl, but you've also found a wonderful shop! I'm double jealous!

  3. The bowl looks so adorable.. I personally like glass dishes too.. :)

    New to ur space and Happy to follow u :)
    Do visit me as time permits

  4. oh blah blah blah... I WANT IT NOW!!!!!!

  5. Rita...thanks!!! :)

    A Trifle Rushed...if i ever find a job i am sure i am going to spend every single penny in that shop!

    Mehjabeen....welcome!!! glad you found me and thanks for your comments :)

    Dom...ahhaha you just made me laugh out loud! GET ONE! :) x

  6. silli gurrrl!!! you KNOW i would have packed one in my suitcase and brought it to yoooo.
    ($60 CDN) you have to think of
    something else! cute kitchen shop...hmm, do they need help?
    aunt sandi

  7. Aunt Sandi...i know you would have!!!!!! i can think of about a million other things!!! very cute shop...but not as cute as yours! :) xx