Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Sand Between My Toes

Back from a relaxing and (mostly) sunny holiday on the North Norfolk Coast...sand in the bottom of my bag...in my socks...in my toothbrush...everywhere!

I ate really well while I was away...a lot of crab and a lot of mayo...so needed something full of veggies, and warming when I arrived back in Edinburgh (to the grey skies and rain).  I bought a tin of beans, a few extra vegetables and...voila...

Cloudy and wet today...and just enough soup left for lunch! 


  1. " sand between your toes" xxx enjoy your lovely lunch xxx

  2. Crab and Mayo! Heaven on a plate! Your soup looks ideal for a cloudy, damp day...warming and bright.

  3. Oh that soup is making my mouth water. Looks lovely....x