Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Small Ears with Broad Beans

I have been drooling over my two new cookbooks, meal planning and thinking ahead.  One recipe that jumped right out at me was Denis Cotter's Orecchiette with Broad Beans and Courgettes, a simple, fresh and gorgeous looking pasta dish.

I was immediately drawn to the bright green broad beans (cooked and then skins peeled off) and the use of orecchiette, two things that I would never have thought to put together.  Sometimes I makes these new dishes and then, when I am wolfing them down, I realise...hey! this is a variation of something I already make!...but with x, y and z...and this was one of those things...one of my standby summer dinners is spaghetti with courgettes...cooked exactly the same way as this dish (but with added lemon zest and chilli flakes).  Anyway...it was fantastic and brought a little bit of sunshine to yesterday's dreary day.


  1. you Always bring Sunshine to dreary days xxxxxxxxx too HOT down here !!!!

  2. I just bought some orecchiette; I found them so cute. Now I have a recipe; we also need sunshine today.

  3. This looks Fab, we were just talking about a Veggie main dish for a vegetarian who we will be entertaining in France, this should fit the bill perfectly:-)

  4. Mmmmm. Looks good. Wish I had grown some broad beans this year. Will do next year.

  5. That looks great, I've not tried orecchiette.

  6. Cherry...awwwww thanks!!! yes...looks way to hot down there!!!

    Rita...mmmmm enjoy your orecchiette xx

    A Trifle Rushed...oh any summer pasta dish would taste a million times better in France!!

    Please do not...My broad bean harvest was nil last year...so now I by frozen!

    two hippos...thanks!!! oooo it is a nice change from regular tube pasta shapes :)

  7. I LOVE broadbeans and can't get them here anywhere...!!! :( Next year I'll take a big pot and grow some myself.
    Cheers from rainy (again!) Ireland.

  8. Anula...I buy frozen ones!!! :)